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We are here to answer your questions, connect you to resources and support you and your family in any way that we can. please reach out with any questions that you may have for our team.


We have two beautiful offices in Milton, Ontario that we have carefully constructed and decorated to have unique energies and purposes. Each space is designed to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe. Which space will match your personality?

We also offer services virtually and over the phone. Specific services are also available in home.

245 Commercial Street, Suite 204, Milton Ontario.

This office is designed with lots of energy and fun. It is a bright and cheerful space with decor that reminds us of the importance of pop culture and creativity. this space is used primarily for older Kids, Teens, and Adults, Commercial street is the home of our Geek Therapy services and is perfect for the groups, trainings and workshops. What will bring you in to see us?

142 Martin street, the upper level, Milton Ontario.

This office is designed to feel like home, charm and character of the upper level of this Old Milton Home is beautifully appointed to create a welcoming and safe space for all ages. This space is where we see younger children in our playroom, and also music psychotherapy in the music room. This suite of offices is designed for families and the location is also close enough to Mill Pond to go for Walking Therapy. See you soon!