Our Products

We create therapuetic and wellness products, that are only available in office.

Worry Rocks

Combining the power of aromatherapy and the meditative power of a labyrinth, this wearable jewellery or desk display is calming and soothing in the chaos of everyday life.


Our Flagship product that took us to the finals of the Pythons Pit, Theradough is a multi sensory therapeutic dough, that is beloved by clients of all ages.


Therasand is a variation of our Fabulous Theradough. you can purchase your favourite scented kinetic sand, along with a cute container and the accompanying "bits and bobs".

Usbourne books

At one time, CHM was an Usbourne consultant practice, now we stock our favourite selection of Usborne books. choosing those that we feel can enhance mental health and well being for adults and children alike.

Various Fidgets

We select a variety of sensory fidgets that provide relief for neurodivergent clients , or anxious, overstimulated individuals alike - try out the section in office to find your favourite one.

Be-Calm Blanket

This handmade multi sensory quilted blanket is perfect for managing anxiety and panic through mindful experiencing. Coming soon!


As we work with clients, our team often develops resources and worksheets that we share with the public. Our hope is to provide some small support for free, in a world where mental health is in crisis. These resources are free to download and use in your daily life in the hopes that they can help as many people as possible.

Resources are uploaded and change frequently, check back to see what is new.