Geek Therapy

What is Geek Therapy?

Geek therapy is a mental health intervention that incorporates 'nerd culture' into the therapeutic process. By incorporating popular culture interests and themes, it allows mental health professionals and clients alike find a mutual ground of interest (i.e. comics, gaming, anime) for connection.

Within the sessions, discussion can use pop culture or “geek” references for analogies, exploration of themes and topics, and role playing or gaming to build connections, enhance learning and self understanding and expression. Geek Therapy is affectionately known as “play therapy in the 21st Century”. It is a method of communication within therapy, that allows for playful and unique ways to explore healing themes, mental health concepts, and the self.

Geek therapy is a great way to understand each other, and ourselves, through the media we care about.

Using a Geek Therapy Approach, CHM Therapists can continue to provide comprehensive therapy modalities such as CBT, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance an dCommitment Therapy and other well know interventions, all while talking about relatable interests.

Geek Therapy can be used in Individual therapy, Family Therapy, and Group Therapy Models. It can also incorporate gaming and role popular Role Playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft, Stardew Valley and other board game or video game based activities.

A safe space to geek out!

Geek Therapy Services at CHM TherapyTherapy.

What kinds of Geek Therapy Services are coming to CHM Therapy?

As we slowly and thoughtfully build this new world of therapy options at CHM Therapy, clients can expect to see more Group therapy options, and individual therapy modalities.

We will be starting with some Therapeutic Dungeons and Dragons Groups, focusing on Social Skills and learning, and then moving to more specific topic such as DnD for Anxiety, Mood, Self care, Grit and Neurodivergent challenges.

We will also be building other board game groups without will incorporate some of our favourite Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPG) into fun and engaging groups and into individual sessions. Keep a look out at our upcoming workshop page to see what is available and let us know what your favourite games are too.

We are also working on building a therapeutic Minecraft Server where clients can engage with their therapist online in a safe and secure environment, while playing their favourite game. Other Xbox based games are also being explored for secure session options and may be available in individual or group therapy options soon.

What is Therapeutic RPG Gaming?

Our certified Geek Therapists guide individuals through specially tailored role play campaigns, exploring therapeutic principles while engaged in collaborative storytelling adventures. These groups create a unique therapeutic experience for experience and amateur players. This imaginative and creative approach to mental health support, can be used with a wide range of challenges including anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, effective communication, relationship navigation, and social-emotional learning. By using one of a kind narratives, we can help to fostering resilience, build coping strategies, and develop interpersonal skills, for clients of all ages. The collaborative storytelling group work of Dungeons and Dragons offers an ever-changing and infinitely customizable experience for therapeutic exploration. The groups foster a safe space to address mental health challenges and to explore personal development. The experience of these kinds of groups becomes transformational, creatively navigating the complexities of mental well-being, and promoting growth, connection, and personal development.

What is therapeutic Gaming?

Individuals of all ages simultaneously struggle socially isolation and mental health challenges, while also finding refuge and connection within the gaming world. Geek Therapists can use video games as a therapeutic tool to enhance social-emotional well-being, achieve flexible gaming behavior, and strengthen family relationships. For many children and Adolescents, Gaming is the current form of “Play”.

Geek Therapy can balance remote and in-person modalities as a modern virtual play therapy methodology known as “therapeutic gaming.” Gaming can evolve in group, partner, and individual gameplay. Utilizing reflective discussions, we can target in-game actions, player reactions, and incorporate dialogue about personal challenges both in and out of game play.

The integration of therapy into video games is changing how we approach mental wellness, providing unique experiences that can be tailored to the emotional and psychological needs of different groups of people.

Geek therapy ranges from family therapy games to therapeutic games for teens or individuals, these games are more than just play; they connect clients to new ways of understanding positive mental health and wellbeing. In some platforms, we are seeing online gaming as ‘the new therapist’s office’. Video games, like other forms of play and gaming are now recognized as valuable tools in the therapeutic treatment of mental health concerns. The uniquely immersive and interactive nature of video games provides a novel medium for clients to engage in the often very personal and difficult work of self exploration and understanding.

What Games and platforms do we use for Therapeutic Gaming?

The video games selected, are chosen after careful assessment of their appropriateness for therapy. they are assessed for the ability to be therapeutic in nature and for specific Therapy challenges, the ability to use them in a secure and confidential way, and there access required by clients to engage in therapy. Clients may chose which games they want to use from he list below. Your therapist may also. make a recommendation of a specific game, based on your needs, but you are not required to purchase any games for therapy. Gaming can be done in offie or remotely from home, so you may access specific games in the office during session. CHM therapy has dedicated accounts with Xbox and on Steam that you can "friend" for your sessions.

Minecraft on CHM private server - Xbox or PC or Steam

Minecraft Dungeons - Xbox

Stardew Valley - Xbox or Steam

Gang Beasts - Xbox

Phogs - Xbox

Meet Kelly Medeiros-Thompson

Kelly is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and Child and Youth Care practitioner. She is also a Certified Geek Therapist. Kelly is passionate about all things "Geek" and is so excited to be building this innovative Therapy service at CHM Therapy under the supervision of Candice Hamilton-Miller.

Kelly believes that each client is the expert and she is dedicated to providing a space where individuals can be free of judgement and thrive. She is happy to be a part of your journey as you learn about yourself, attempt various strategies and gain supports throughout your time together. Kelly has adapted an eclectic approach which includes Solution-Focused Therapy, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Narrative Therapy. Kelly enjoys working with children, youth, and adults with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and various mental health diagnoses.

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