In Home Family Support Services

Our Family Support Consultant is Karen Manning-Slocombe. Karen has worked with Children with Autism and Special Needs and their families for over 30 years. She has extensive experience and training in understanding the needs of both the individual and the family. Her services include parent support, coaching and assisting children with special needs to work on emotional regulation, communication and behaviour challenges. She does not provide ABA services.

Karen does offer individual sessions, but her services are often billed in a package format that includes a personalized blend of sessions, support sessions and on call support services. Her single session rate is currently $120+HST per hour (prorated at $60 per half hour for longer sessions)

The Family Navigation and Support package is designed for Families who are accessing services from our Family Support Consultant. The package includes individual coaching, self-regulation training, behaviour management and parent coaching. This package also includes as needed communication via short phone calls and messaging with the PB portal.

Within typical use of this Package in a month, you might see:

2-4 (50 minutes -1 hour) sessions for the child/client

2 (50 minutes -1 hour) Sessions for the Parents/ family/support person

As needed ability to request short communications such as quick calls (less than 20 minutes), emails or discussion via Practice Better Chat.

Please note that this is not a crisis services and while the Family Support Consultant makes every effort to respond to families within 24 hours, they may not be available immediately.

In order to reduce overall costs during this intensive period, the service is billed on a monthly rate rather than the Family Support Consultant’s hourly rate.

The current cost monthly is $700, payment plans can be arranged with a valid credit card.

Other programs and services that may be recommended are optional and not included in this package price.

This Package may be covered through a Health Spending Account, but is not typically covered by an Employee Benefits plans for psychotherapy. This program can be covered under your OAP funding, with a support letter and overall supervision of the program by Candice Hamilton-Miller, RP. The cost of the monthly package does increase if supervision is required for OAP coverage.

*Prices Subject to change without notice