Professional Development, Trainings, and speaker requests.

Online Groups

A variety of topics are covered in our online workshops. These workshops cover more general self led therapeutic reflective topics, and are self led. Online workshops allow CHM Therapy to have a global reach. you can email us to request current available topics.

Workshops, Groups, Training, Professional Offerings

Art Journalling and Self Reflective Journalling

Art Journalling is a wonderful way to explore your own inner thoughts and beliefs and to express emotion in a creative way. It is definitely something that all ages and skill levels can enjoy. CHM Therapy Services will be offering training and groups in Art Journalling and Self reflective journalling techniques.

Workshops, consultations and Training for professionals.

CHM Therapy offers a variety of group supervision, group training, and workshop options for professionals independently and through Hr departments for professional development.

Workshops and training can be tailored for small or large groups of individuals such as front line staff, group practices or other professional organizations, and can include topics such as maximizing your resources, cultural sensitivity; managing behavior, healthy eating, and helping children build self-esteem, fostering positivity in the workplace, conflict resolution, improving communication, and professional growth and personal development skills.

From time to time, Candice and other team members will speak about various topics in interviews, at conferences or other public presentations. below are some videos, pictures and links to previous speaker engagments.

Keynote, conference and guest speaker options

Help! We've got Anxiety! with Laurel Crossley Candice talks with Laurel Crossley on her show Help We've Got Anxiety! about anxiety and the brain.

Beyond the Classroom with Cathy Thompson Candice Talks with Cathy Thompson on her show Beyond the classroom about the impacts of competitive activities for kids.

Passion Project: Supers on the Couch Supers on the Couch Promo

The Yellow Couch on Youtube.

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